I used to hate the taste of artificial watermelon flavored candy; now I know I am that candy.


Original, unique




Acrylic, charcoal, gouache, and glass beads


Stretched canvas


12 x 12 x .7 inches


Wired with D-rings; unframed


Original Available


Certificate of Authenticity

This piece is about the nature of preconceived notions and how one might get fixated on the idea of something, rather than letting it be what it is. I vividly remember as a child despising the taste of any watermelon-flavored candy. I realize that I could not let go of the distinct feeling of being let down and that I was being fed some sugar pill. I couldn’t accept the fact that the candy was merely inspired by the idea of watermelon and is not the real thing. I had to separate the idea of what real watermelons taste like from the taste in my mouth. A silly story, about candy of all things, but I think this sort of thing happens a lot in life and often in other more harmful ways.

Mixed media piece composed of acrylic, gouache, vine charcoal, glass beads, and putty on stretched canvas. A square piece with many layers of texture, removed, added, like patchwork.

We hold on to ideas of what we think things ought to be and aren’t always able to just accept what we see before us.