Original, unique




Acrylic, flashe


Gallery stretched canvas


5 x 5 x 1.5 inches


Single D-ring


Original Available


Certificate of Authenticity

Exploring artistic styles of abstract expressionism with painterly strokes, contemporary forms, and figurative pieces act as a visual diary. Each day brought new thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Bright, intense days are contrasted by other quiet moments of minimalism that focus on texture, color, and materials. Some days began fresh, while others were still wrapped in a previous frame of mind. A journey through 222 works of art.

The American Flag in Art: A sliver of history. You can not paint the American Flag and not expect to form some political context with the final work. Jasper Johns‘ FLAG used it first as a “recognizable image that took care of a great deal for him because he didn’t have to design it.” Though even in the mid-1950s, on some level, there couldn’t be complete ignorance of the Flag’s inherent symbolism. Realizing its iconic power derivative and subsequent works appear in his oeuvre. Notably (to this post), FLAG (Moratorium) [lithograph series edition of 300 in 1969] was depicted using the reverse (negative) colors of the traditional Flag—an anti-war [Vietnam] commentary.

Smalls on Walls are 5 x 5 x 1.5 inches. A few other sizes (4 x 4 | 4 x 6 | 6 x 6 | 5 x 7) exist within the series. Each painting is signed along the bottom edge and numbered in pencil on the inside stretcher bar (i.e. SOW001). A single D-ring hook is fastened on the back for hanging. Thin natural maple floating frame option. All 222 “Smalls on Walls” are unique works of art and each is small enough to fit any wall.

Smalls on Walls began on May 22, 2021 — 222 days before 2022. The self-imposed challenge was to paint one miniature abstract painting per day. Then document it by posting to social media. Each day was an opportunity to try something new, hone my skills, and complete an unexacting work of art “in the moment.”