Open Date

August 6, 2022

Close Date

October 7, 2022




Group Exhibition


Tieton Arts & Humanities


519 Maple St.






The 13th annual juried exhibition featuring artwork (no larger than 10 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches) by 169 artists spanning the globe.

Included Work


For the 13th annual Exhibition, Juror Bruce Guenther reviewed 770 total submissions through a Web-based process. While the selection process was not without its challenges, he enjoyed seeing the depth and variety of work. “I respond to a wide range of idioms and genres of art from some 45 years of deep looking and curatorial activity. As with every juror I have known, I reserve the option to break any of my rules in order to allow for something unexpected and off the wall that has the spirit of the moment filling its sails.“

10x10x10xTieton features artwork by 169 artists spanning the globe, from as far away as Bali and across the US - many from right here in the Pacific Northwest. All works are printed in a handbound exhibition catalogue made in Tieton at Paper Hammer Studios.

Reflecting on the exhibition’s and its out-of-the-way location in Tieton, “Art in all its forms is an essential aspect of life. Art records our diverse histories, reflects our values, and renews our dreams, our aspirations. It functions in those ways regardless of the place or audience size…In small cities and towns outside the major global urban art centers, Art serves all those purposes and further opens doors to new ideas, other people and places. The Arts can change a child's perspective and redraw the parameters of their world for a lifetime. I was one of those children.”

He continues, “I jury these kinds of open-call exhibitions to take the temperature of the broader art scene outside the milieu I normally deal with in my museum activities. In this instance, “small” enables participants from across the country to participate easily (loss risk, costs, shipping); the 10x10 is a great device to get the attention of artists, press, and visitors while providing a necessary functional limit for the organizers.

“Small” art doesn’t have to mean small ideas or simple aesthetics, it's simply a physical thing.”