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Erratic Electrical Static


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Gallery showing a combination of several series of work. Erratic electrical static space framed by ideas heavy as concrete, sharp as knives.

Erratic Electrical StaticErratic Electrical Static

WARNING: Contains flashing colors, strobing lights. May not be safe for persons with light sensitivity.

This collection of NFTs is an undetermined number of digital abstract movie clips (.gif loops) created in the Adobe ecosystem. They are single editions, no two are the same, despite some looking similar. Variations in color, gradient, positioning, loop, and strobe are all in effect. They have all been edited and manipulated by the artist—not by an AI generator or algorithm.

Barbed wire is a material largely used for fencing to herd cattle, prisons, facilities, and the military. Used to keep things in or out, it's a mechanism that inflicts pain as its function. Each NFT depicts wire in various configurations, quickly snapping back and forth. Color variations quickly flash like a warning light without a siren, each its own universe, or innerverse. A metaphor for synapses in our minds and the electricity of the brain.

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